Jim Quales' Bio

God is good all the time!! God has blessed me and turned many a sorrow into joy! I was raised in a missionary's home and saw God do many great things. However, I went through some personal trauma. This affected my life more than I ever knew, but God was gracious and gave me back what life had stolen from me. Life has seen many twists and turns. Through it all I can see where God has always been there!! While meeting with a dear pastor in southern Michigan, I poured my heart out to God and asked Him to forgive me and have a relationship with Him. It was an amazing time and God was faithful!! In November of 2011 God gave me a second chance on real, healthy love! I have been blessed with a wonderful wife and great kids!!
I felt in 2019 that God had called me to target my singing ministry to the amazing folks who live in senior homes, assisted living, and memory care units across the USA. This ministry has become a real passion for my ministry. This does not discount the church concerts that will be booked through the year. The church concerts will become missionaries concerts with lots of music and stories from my target mission.
We would love for you to pray for this ministry and we are always looking for financial partners to support this missions cause. There are a few ways to support:
I am blessed to feel called of God to use my talents for His Glory!