Jim Quales' Bio

What can I say? God is good all the time!! God has blessed me and turned many a sorrow into Joy! I was raised in a Missionaries Home and seen God do many great things. However, I went through some personal trauma. This affected my life more than I ever knew, but God was gracious and gave me back what life had stolen from me. Life has seen many twists and turns. Through it all I can see where God has always been there!! While meeting with a dear pastor in southern Michigan I poured my heart out to God and asked Him to forgive me and have a relationship with Him. It was amazing time and God was faithful!! In November of 2011 God gave me a second chance on; real, healthy love! I have been blessed with a wonderful wife and great kids!!

I have had many influences in gospel music in my life!! My older brother Don Jr. was probably the biggest and at least got me started in music. He would come home from college on weekends and while riding somewhere in the car have me sing. I will never forget singing over and over, "It Will Never Lose it's Power". I eventually got to hear a cassette by the great Cathedral Quartet it was their first acappella project and from that time I have been hooked on good southern gospel music!!

Birthday: September 13

Spouse: Nicole

Children:Joseph, Jonathan, Jason, Jerome (Lamont), Dillon, Derek, Devin, Demi

Church Home: Cherry Grove Church of the Nazarene

Hobbies: Playing Bass and Acoustic Guitar, listening to music, watching movies

Favorite Scripture: Ephesians 1

Favorite Vacation Spot: Bahamas

Favorite Book: Bible, Simple Church, and Singing News Magazine

Favorite Song: "Music of My Heart" (Nicole C Mullins), Still Haven't Found what I Have Been Looking For (U2), Somebody Touched Me (Cathedrals)

Favorite Artist: Cathedrals Quartet