Jim Quales

Jim Quales' ministry mission is to encourage, uplift and serve: first seniors in senior living communities, then churches and other events.

1) Encouraging each person to whom Jim ministers to come into a relationship with our Savior

2) Uplifting each senior and other persons on their walk to see our Savior

3) Serving each senior and other person either in the local senior home, regional senior home, or nationally in a concert or church service setting.

Jim's goal is to use the gifts God gave him, including his voice, to spread the message of the gospel through his songs. May every senior home show or concert and/or church service enable people to feel blessed by Jim's music.

Check out what others are saying about Jim's ministry...

Check out what others are saying about Jim's ministry...

What Others Are Saying...

During this time of uncertainty and isolation, one of the greatest joys I can bring my residents is music. With social distancing, I have been able to thankfully have some outdoor performances, with Jim being one of them! He is an honest performer who does a great job of engaging the audience with a variety of songs. I can tell his number one goal is to put a smile on everyone's face and make sure that they have a great time. The residents rave about him and say that it is always wonderful.

Abby Altvater
Life Enrichment - Rose Garden

What Others Are Saying...

Uplifting! Uplifting! Uplifting! Jim is a blessing to have come and perform. His passion to the elderly is inspiring. Every time he came to perform he lifted spirits throughout the building. On a personal note as a former activities director, Jim was great to work with. He was always on time, professional, and accommodating. Gifted with an amazing voice, he is truly a wonderful individual.

Amber Melvin